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Landscape Design and Installations

We transform your outdoor living space into an environment you will enjoy for years to come.  We approach every job as one-of-a-kind.  Our specialty is bringing a unique landscape to North Platte that nobody else offers. 

Retaining Walls and Paver Patios

Not only does our landscaping look good, it also solves problems related to drainage, slumping yards and erosion.  We focus on using products that integrate into the overall landscape.

Water Features

Water features, such as waterfalls and bubbling boulders, add visual and audible highlights to your landscape.  Built to last these features can often be enjoyed year 'round.

Plant Bed Cleaning and Mulching

We clean up last year's debris, re-establish bed lines where necessary and mulch around your existing foliage.

Plant Selection and Planting

From annuals to perennials to shrubs and shade trees we assist in the careful selection of plants that fit with the climate, desired location, overall theme of the landscape and your budget. 

Stone Creek offers unique landscaping that will stand out above and beyond the rest of the competition!